Solution Chiropractic to Move to a New Brand!

We are excited to announce that starting Feb. 1st, Solution Chiropractic will be transitioning to Chiro One Wellness Centers.
While the name and look of our clinic will change, patients will experience the same great care, clinic staff, and insurance acceptance. We look forward to continuing to serve the community with excellent care.​

Why Choose Us?

300+ Reviews with 4.9 Rating- Read a few of our reviews and find out why Solution Chiropractic is Seattle's Most Reviewed Chiropractor on Google..

    I've been going to chiropractors for 19 years, since my second year of college and Dr. Nima is my fifth chiropractor.I've seen more improvement in the last five years since starting with Dr. Nima then I have in the other 15 years combined. Solution Chiropractic provides more than a 'physical adjustment', it's an education on how to take care of your body, both physically and mentally. Thanks Rachel, Phedre and Dr. Nima for everything! My mood has improve a ton.

    Kris Orlowski-Google

    As a practicing dentist, I can honestly say that being a patient with Solution Chiropractic was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Dr. Nima and his team were incredible. They’ve always been flexible with scheduling and addressed all of my concerns. I’m recommending all my colleagues.

    Tate Masunaga-Google

    The associates here are first class all the way. Welcoming, lively, flexible, knowledgeable, Dr Nima, the massage therapists, and assistants have been wonderful in helping my recovery from a car accident. Their treatments, plus recommended additional at-home exercises have been critical in my recovery, even both educating and treating me in areas I was unaware of that were connected to my injury. I have already recommended more than 4 of my peers visit Solution, and will continue to do so as I speak with people who are in need of a chiropractor.

    Jordan Hunting-Google

    I've been going to Solution for about two years now. I had some problems that were impacting my day to day life (frequent headaches, acid reflux, carpel tunnel, difficulty standing for more than 30 minutes). Solution changed my life for the better. After my first adjustment, I was feeling a lot better and after a couple of months, I noticed a dramatic reduction in the frequency and intensity of my headaches, my carpel tunnel and acid reflux had both improved greatly.Dr. Nima and his staff are honestly amazing. They genuinely care about all their patients and they are always willing to help.

    Georgia Looney-Google

    Dr Nima & the team at Solution are the best. Their appointment system is easy, the facility is clean and peaceful and Dr. Nima and Dr. Jenny are clear in communication & provide next-level care. Highly recommend.

    Amanda Sunshine-Google

    Incredible method of chiropractic care that will leave you stronger and more confident in your body prior to whatever injury/prior care you have experienced in the past! Highly recommended

    Stefan Frljanic-Google

    I've tried a number things for my back pain -- different therapists and physical therapy strategies and workout plans, but none of them helped. Dr. Nima's adjustments and the home care exercises his team recommended have helped me to heal more than any other care I have received. I'm still improving - it's not an overnight process - but I have Solution Chiropractic to thank for all of my healing thus far. In addition, the team is EXTREMELY friendly, caring, patient, and present with the patients. (They are also super flexible about moving appointments). Truly a fantastic thing they have going here. I can't recommend highly enough.The only complaint I have is that sometimes it feels that there are too many people receiving care at once - this can make things feel a bit more hectic than I would prefer - but this criticism is purely nitpicking compared to the wealth of goodness Solution Chiropractic has given me.For any prospective clients, make sure you do your home care exercises!! In my experience, these are a huge part of the healing.

    Sawyer Crosby-Google

    Look no further, I can’t recommend Dr. Nima and his team enough! Never once has an appointment taken longer than 30 minutes, and that’s including the physical therapies that are recommended.They have a free flowing office style, which makes popping in for an adjustment a breeze. You arrive at your scheduled appointment and depending on the availability of the doctor, you start independently working on the prescribed PT until they’re able to get you adjusted.They do an excellent job at keeping a squeaky clean office and follow covid protocols to a T. All the staff are so friendly and warm, they even greet every patient by name as they enter. Parking has never been a big issue, which is a huge deal given that their location is downtown.Make an appointment, they really are the best!

    Audrey-Anna Hicks

    I visited as a new patient today and it was such a lovely and positive experience. I made the appointment this morning and was fit in for an exam and X-ray this evening. When I arrived the front desk staff was so friendly, welcoming, and efficient. I only waited for a few minutes, when I got to watch other patients come in and each be greeted with purposeful kindness and recognition. When I went back with the doctor she treated me like an individual person with real concern for the discomfort that brought me in. The exam was done with expertise but without pretense. She made sure I understood her findings and clearly explained the next steps in my treatment. On the way out I met the other doctor who already knew my name and greeted me with genuine interest. The front desk staff worked with me to schedule my next appointment for a time that worked with my schedule. I am looking very forward to returning to this pleasant space where I trust my concerns will be addressed and I will be taken care of. I will suggest this place to everyone. Thank you Solution Chiropractic for making my first impressions beyond expectations!

    Shannon McCormick-Google

    I recently became a new patient of this practice dealing with intense shoulder and back pain. From the onset, the staff and Dr. Nima have been wonderful to work with. They are all extremely pleasant, communicative, and flexible to my needs whether that be regarding schedule or my rehab. I would recommend anyone seeking chiropractic help, to try this location. This is my first experience with chiropractic practice and I am thoroughly happy with mychoice. I go 3x a week and have yet to have any type of complaint. It is a clean, safe office and, again, the best staff to work with.

    Ryan Bradshaw-Google

    I'd seen two different chiropractors during the first 2 years of my neck pain. Pain enough that was debilitating (had to stop rock climbing, couldn't do long backpacking trips, had to occasionally stop doing yoga even). What quacks, signing me up to careplans so that they could bandaid my issue without offering any lasting solutions.So I was skeptical to see another. But after suffering through ANOTHER intake process and then starting care... I just kept at it. I kept my own practice of self-care up and did my best to keep a positive mindset.Now I'm writing this review now 2-months after my 3-month care plan has finished. I was starting to feel a bit better during care but I was worried about the results not sticking. Was I actually better? Was my life just... BETTER?The short answer is yes.After seeing my before and after x-rays, seeing my ACTUAL progress and seeing the ACTUAL issue that's been plaguing me I can say that we're doing the work together to keep the issue from degenerating and that I'm back at rock climbing again. FIVE YEARS LATER.Dr. Nima and the amazing team at Solutions... so grateful to all of them. THANK you so much!For anyone suffering from neck or back pain, or even other issues you'd think aren't related... alignment is everything. Not just in the body but out. To be HEALED you first have to really, really, really... want and believe that you can be healed. Then align all the parts. Diet, habits, your JOB, your friends. Everything. Then go see Dr. Nima (and Dr. Katlyn on some Saturdays - she's amazing) he'll do the rest for your ole' skeleton ;P

    Jerrod Locke- Google

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