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How a Chiropractor Helps You Live A Naturally Healthy and Pain-Free Lifestyle

Do you have chronic headaches or neck pain? Do you experience sudden and crippling spasms in the lower back?

If so, you belong to a non-exclusive group of millions of Americans. This unfortunate group does not discriminate by age or income. Instead, these symptoms can negatively affect anyone, regardless of overall health.

In fact, over 35 million Americans are treated by a chiropractor each year. The demand for treatment is so great that there are nearly 80,000 licensed chiropractors in the nation.

Visiting a downtown Seattle chiropractor regularly can help you achieve a pain-free and healthy lifestyle. Read on to learn more about chiropractors and how regular treatment can benefit you.

What does a Chiropractor Do

Before making a decision to see a downtown Seattle chiropractor, it is important to understand what they do.

Chiropractors utilize hands-on treatment methods in order to properly align the spine.

In general, the chiropractor will apply a controlled force to afflicted areas. This proper alignment restores mobility to joints and helps the whole body heal. These methods reduce inflammation and pain by allowing for normal joint movements.

Most importantly, chiropractic solutions reduce dependency on medication and surgery. In many cases, chiropractors solve chronic pain issues without the use of any medication.

What Symptoms Suggest a Visit to the Chiropractor is Needed

When many people think of the chiropractor, they automatically assume back pain. However, there is a laundry list of other symptoms that suggest spinal alignment is necessary.

One common symptom is chronic neck pain. If you are having difficulty turning your head, you should see a chiropractor. Another sign is numbness in the neck.

Tingling sensations throughout the body is also a telltale sign. Recurring headaches and migraines could be related to spinal misalignment as well.

The bottom line is that chiropractors provide solutions for issues going well beyond back pain. Do not hesitate to reach out to a downtown Seattle chiropractor if you are experiencing any of these symptoms.

Are Chiropractic Solutions Effective

There are many myths circulating that chiropractic solutions cause more harm than good. However, key statistics collected by the American Chiropractic Association prove that is not the case.

Among chiropractic users in the prior year, a stunning 95% reported that their treatment was effective. In terms of effectiveness, consumer studies show chiropractic solutions to be the most popular option.

Chiropractic treatment ranked ahead of prescription medication, yoga, and deep-tissue massage for treating back pain.

It is not just patients that recommend a chiropractor for lower back pain. The Journal of the American Medical Association published a study in 2017 recommending spinal manipulation as the first treatment option.

What are the Benefits of Chiropractic Solutions

Obviously, the number one benefit of seeing a chiropractor is pain management. Nonetheless, there are other benefits as well.

Spinal manipulation as a treatment method reduces the dependency on prescription and over-the-counter medications. This is a major benefit considering the United States is facing an epidemic of millions abusing prescription drugs.

Reducing dependency on pain medication saves money in the long-term. Therefore, chiropractor patients have a healthier lifestyle and budget.

Avoiding spinal fusion surgery is another significant benefit. Spinal fusion surgery is expensive and has a long recovery time. In some cases, patients report pain up to six months after the operation.

Visiting a chiropractor will help you avoid surgery while achieving the same positive result.

What Will Happen on your First Visit to a Downtown Seattle Chiropractor

The first thing a downtown Seattle chiropractor will do is record your medical history. The chiropractor will take note of any important information in your medical history when developing a treatment plan.

After this, a chiropractor will conduct a physical examination to see if there are any apparent issues. This physical exam may or may not lead to x-rays, MRI, or other lab tests.

Bone density is another assessment that the doctor will perform. Like the medical history, these tests will help the doctor diagnose what is ailing you.

It will also determine what the appropriate treatment plan is. For instance, patients with lower levels of bone density will require treatments that are more gentle.

What are Chiropractic Treatment Options

Obviously, the specifics of a treatment plan will depend on the diagnosis and results of lab testing and examinations.

There are various underlying causes of back and body pain. You may have a herniated disc in your back or degenerative disc disease. Another potential diagnosis is spinal stenosis, which leads to pinched nerves in the back.

Each treatment plan is different, but spinal manipulation is the foundation in many cases. The methods that the chiropractor applies are sure to vary depending on patient variables.

In addition to spinal alignment, chiropractors often place patients on wellness programs. This may include a nutritional diet and exercise to lose weight, reducing stress on the back.

A wellness program may also include a rehabilitation program to improve strength in the affected joints.

Circumstances in which Spinal Manipulation should not be Performed

There are a few instances in which spinal alignment should not be performed. This is precisely why collecting medical history is the first step that a chiropractor takes.

Osteoporosis and spinal cord compression are two ailments that preclude spinal manipulation. Inflammatory arthritis also falls into this category.

Cancer patients and those taking blood-thinning medication should also avoid chiropractic treatment.

How to Locate a Downtown Seattle Chiropractor

The best way to find a trustworthy chiropractor is by referral from another medical professional or a personal contact. However, this referral should not preclude you from performing your own research.

Go online and read patient reviews about the doctor to make sure it is a good fit. Make sure that the chiropractor accepts your medical insurance to keep costs down.

Wrapping It Up

Receiving chiropractic treatment for back and body pain has been proven effective. By doing so, you can avoid major surgery and dependency on prescription medication.

Most important, a chiropractor enables you to live the healthiest lifestyle possible. To visit a downtown Seattle chiropractor, please contact us to schedule an appointment.

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