Headache, Migraine Chiropractic Care

When discussing treatment for headaches and migraines seeing a chiropractor might not be the first thing that comes to mind. It is estimated that 80 – 90% of the country will suffer from a headache at some point in their lives. Just imagine how many people in a big city like Seattle might be suffering from headaches or migraines. Most people would suggest a painkiller, but these pills can be harmful when used in excess, which is why an alternative like chiropractic care is recommended.

What Causes Headaches & Migraines?

People don’t usually know what migraines and headaches are caused by.

A headache, for one, can be the result of many things like poor posture, spinal misaligments,  fatigue or insomnia. It could also be triggered by stress, viral infections, drugs or medication that was taken.

Now, things can get a little tricky when it comes to migraines. Migraines are a type of headache that some call primary headaches. Migraines can be considered a pulsating headache. It is common to feel nausea when experiencing migraines. There are some who experience light and sound sensitivity.

It should be noted that the brain does not feel pain since there are no pain receptors there. The pain is felt in extracranial regions, such as the arteries or the middle meningeal artery.

The pain is usually associated with irritation to the meninges and the blood vessels around the cranial structure of your head.

Migraines are not fully understood by the medical world, but most believe that it is a dysfunction of the brain’s nerves, which leads to the pain.

How Does Chiropractic Care Treat Headaches/Migraines?

Chiropractic treatments begin with a thorough evaluation of the patient’s overall health. This helps the chiropractor rule out a few possibilities.

The chiropractor will then detect which areas of the spine and which nerves are causing the headaches. By removing the pressure from the nerves that are getting irritated, a chiropractor could actually correct the cause of the headaches. Chiropractic care does not include any drugs nor does it require surgery, which is something that most patients find appealing.

The chiropractor will likely recommend some lifestyle changes like certain exercises or a specific diet, but this does depend on the patient’s particular case.

Timeline for Care of Headaches/Migraines

Headaches usually start with triggers like stress or medications.  Poor posture and spinal misaligments could also cause headaches. It is important to take note of the kind of triggers that might be setting off headaches or migraines.

Some also go through what is known as the prodrome phase which can start a few hours or even a few days before an actual migraine occurs. Some symptoms may include irritability, excess thirst, sleepiness and more.

If they are aware of their body and know these symptoms it can give the patient and the chiropractor a chance to avoid this pain, but the patient must act fast.

Case Studies Proving Chiropractic Care Works

There are several studies that show that chiropractic care can help. One study shows how this type of therapy can decrease the number of times an attack actually occurs. The severeness of the headaches and/or migraines were significantly less than what was experienced before. This type of care should be considered a primary option to dealing with migraines and/or headaches.

Keep in mind that decreasing migraine and/or headaches episodes require a real commitment. You will need to keep up with the recommended lifestyle changes.


It is clear that chiropractic care can be helpful for people who are suffering from headaches or migraines. There is no doubt that any little help will come as a relief for those dealing with these ailments.

Remember, you should not be afraid to ask questions about the therapy and how it will help you specifically because the chiropractor is there to clarify and make sure you understand the treatment.

We have helped get long term correction for many patients dealing with headaches and migraines in the Seattle area. contact us to see if we can help get rid of your headaches for good.

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