chiropractic migraine treatment

Chiropractic Migraine Treatment: How a Chiropractor Can Help

chiropractic migraine treatment

Pain. Nausea. Light sensitivity. Sound Sensitivity. Sudden fatigue. Throbbing in the temples. Muscle stiffness. Sound like a party to you? Probably not.

You may know someone who suffers from migraines. They likely experience some of these symptoms. You may not know three out of four of all chronic migraine sufferers will have a stroke at some point.

Some people get an aura before a migraine comes on. This can mean seeing spots or blurred vision. Others feel a dull stiffness that starts in the traps and moves up the neck.

A few people will actually vomit from a combination of symptoms. And a lucky few will even get a migraine hangover. Those symptoms echo an alcohol-induced hangover and last for 24-48 hours.

Yes, migraines are very severe and intense. Unfortunately, summarizing all we know of migraine causes takes up a single sentence. Some genetic factors combine with external triggers to cause immense pain.

With so many people suffering from migraines, the condition is always under investigation. In recent years chiropractic migraine treatments have been on the rise.

What Is a Migraine?

As stated, modern medicine understands very little about the cause of migraines. They believe the causes to be neurological in nature or related to the nervous system.

There is likely a connection to blood vessels and brain chemicals as well.

While we know little of the cause, many people report certain triggers to precede a migraine. Those triggers can come from food, lights, sleep, stress, or hormones.

Beginning Treatment

If you are looking at ways to rid yourself of migraines, it might be best to start by reducing the impact of stress in your life. This means something different for everyone. But it can include meditation, exercise, or martial arts classes.

Beyond reducing the impact of stress, you will want to seek chiropractic treatment. Try to keep track of any days when you had a migraine. And keep track of your duration of sleep each night.

This information will be valuable to you as you start to see improvement from the care you receive. While not absolutely necessary, if you watch for reductions in migraines and better sleep, you will see the value of your treatment.

When you see your improvements, you will keep going.

Chiropractic Migraine Treatment

Visit your nearest chiropractor as soon as you can get in. But what should you expect when you get there?

Most people associate spinal manipulation with chiropractors. This is usually the popping you feel while being adjusted. A pop isn’t necessary to find relief.

Studies have shown regular chiropractic work reduces the frequency and intensity of migraines. But, you should note, this only works when you getting adjusted on a regular basis.

Don’t make the mistake of discontinuing treatment when it works and keeps you pain-free.

Plan at least three times a week when you first start. Chiropractic migraine treatment must be administered very often. Studies have shown such frequency to greatly increase effectiveness.

It takes time for the muscles to adjust to a proper alignment. Once they do, they will help keep you in place.

After any chiropractic treatment or massage, make sure to drink extra water. Your body will be releasing toxins in greater amounts, and the water will help flush them out.

Medicine Free Treatment

Maybe you have your migraines under control with meds right now. That’s great! The best call might still be to see a chiropractor. Spinal manipulation treats your pain at the source rather than covering the symptoms.

Medicines, even over-the-counter medicines, have their own sets of long-term side effects. If you keep taking them in high doses, they can lose effectiveness.

What’s worse, they may damage other parts of the body. The liver, stomach, and kidneys are all encountering the drugs you take in. Thus, if you are able to give your organs a break from meds for any amount of time, you definitely should.

Tight muscles and out of place joints can be two of the external stimuli causing migraines. Getting these loosened and back into place brings relief.

After Your First Visit to the Chiropractor

As stated above, it takes time to work things into place. Slight soreness at the adjustment site is quite normal and will pass quickly. After that comes the relief from your migraines.

Make sure to talk to your chiropractor about your sleeping patterns too. They can usually suggest a better way to sleep. If you sleep on your stomach, you will want to start changing how you sleep.

Stomach sleeping is all around bad for you. From your shoulder position to your neck and even your calves, it will leave you in pain. Further, it will undermine the work being done by the chiropractor.

Another item you will want to look at more closely is your posture.

Getting adjusted will realign you and make good posture more comfortable. But make sure to ask the doctor about exercises and stretches to improve your posture.

Start Attacking Your Migraines

Most people who currently suffer from migraines can only react when they feel one coming on. You have to tools to start attacking back and taking a proactive approach to migraine relief.

Chiropractic migraine treatment can and will help if you take it seriously. But don’t view it as the silver bullet. Medical care, especially chiropractic care, looks at the person as a whole.

For more questions or to see if chiropractic care is right for you, please contact us. You might find yourself on the road to recovery as soon as you do.

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