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7 Reasons to See a Chiropractor For Headaches

Headaches that just won’t stop can have a serious negative impact on your life.

Your work, social life, and overall happiness all suffer when you have headaches. Medication might be able to take away the symptoms, but if you can’t figure out the cause, what should you do?

Hiring a chiropractor for headaches is a great way to start treating the source of the issue, rather than just the symptoms. When you start seeing a chiropractor for headaches, you’ll get long-term solutions, rather than just temporary fixes.

Want to learn more about what chiropractors can do? In this guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know, and give you the top 7 reasons to see a chiropractor for headaches.

Read on to learn more.

Headaches and Conventional Medicine

Headaches are a very common reason for people to visit the doctor. Everyone gets them sometimes, but as many as 1 out of every 20 adults gets a headache almost daily.

Part of the reason they’re so common is that there are a ton of different causes. There are really too many causes to count – which creates a big obstacle when using conventional medicine to treat them.

Headaches and Medication

Because it’s so hard to nail down the cause of this pain, many people (and their doctors) simply focus on treating the symptom with medication instead.

Medicine can cause the pain to stop registering, although it doesn’t remove the root cause itself.

Headaches aren’t usually serious, which is part of the reason so many people don’t focus on figuring out the cause. However, many of the issues that cause headaches are things a chiropractor can actually fix.

Common Headache Causes

What are some of the more common reasons people get headaches?

No matter what, there’s always a cause. A headache is your body alerting you to an issue.

Many people suffer from migraines and headaches brought on by muscle tension, which can be caused by things like stress or bad posture. Other issues, like high blood pressure and sinus infections, can also be the cause.

Some of the more common causes include eye strain from looking at computer screens or poor dietary choices. Hunger, dehydration, pollution, noise, and light can also contribute to headaches.

In short, many of the things we encounter on a daily basis can cause this kind of pain, in addition to more serious medical issues. Everyone can get headaches, which means everyone will need treatment sometimes. And sometimes, they can be serious.

The Top Reasons to Book a Chiropractor for Headaches

Should you simply take medicine, or is it better to book a chiropractor for headaches? Let’s take a look at 7 reasons why a chiropractor is better.

1. Avoid Medications

It can be tempting to just pop a couple of over-the-counter painkillers every time you notice the onset of a headache.

However, this can create more long-term problems than you might realize. Many popular painkillers have dangerous side effects – even the ones you take over the counter.

For example, acetaminophen is linked to liver damage when too much is taken, or when taken while consuming alcohol. Ibuprofen can cause stomach ulcers if you don’t take it with food, or if you take too much.

If you have serious migraines, you might find yourself with prescription painkillers instead. Many prescription painkillers, such as opioids, come with even more potential for danger.

You’ll build up a tolerance to these kinds of medicines over time, which means you’ll need to take more and more to get the same effects. This can lead to addiction, and even accidental overdose if you take too much.

When you get a chiropractor for headaches, you can avoid all the issues associated with medication – not to mention the high cost of some prescriptions.

2. Relieve Pain

When you get a headache, you want the pain to go away fast.

That’s why so many people take painkillers – they want to get rid of the uncomfortable symptoms. However, chiropractic care can do the same thing.

Many people see the symptoms disappear shortly after their visit. Others with more serious underlying problems may see symptoms decrease gradually over the course of days or weeks.

Either way, you’ll get lasting pain relief.

3. Prevent Future Headaches

One of the best things about seeing a chiropractor for headaches is that it can actually help prevent future headaches.

When you visit a chiropractor regularly, you’re strengthening your muscles and improving your alignment with each visit. This can not only help with your current symptoms – it can also help prevent headaches in the future.

If you keep up with your regular visits, you’ll often find that you experience headaches less and less.

4. Fix the Cause, Not the Symptom

The reason chiropractic care can help prevent future headaches is that it goes straight to the cause.

You can pop pills all you want, but your headaches will keep coming back because you’re only treating the symptoms. A chiropractor can help figure out the cause, such as muscle tension or a misaligned vertebra.

This goes right to the source of the problem, which is why you’ll often find your headaches occurring less often when you keep up with regular visits.

5. Get Long-Term Benefits

Chiropractic care can give you long-term benefits in addition to fixing your headaches.

You’ll have better posture, less tension and soreness, and reduce other kinds of pain, in addition to your headaches.

6. Fix Related Issues

A chiropractor will look at your whole body, not just your head and neck.

If there are any related issues that are causing or contributing to your headaches, those will get fixed, too. For example, they might find other issues while looking for the reason you’re getting so many headaches.

7. Learn Better Habits

A chiropractor for headaches will also help you learn better habits that will serve you well in the future.

They’ll help correct your posture and teach you how to avoid the unhealthy habits that are causing your pain. From sitting in a better position at work to correcting your posture when you walk, this will have benefits for your whole life.

Ready to Hire a Chiropractor for Headaches?

Are you ready to say goodbye to pain and experience these benefits for yourself?

Contact us today to get started.

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