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10 Benefits That Going to a Chiropractor Can Provide

Chiropractors aren’t worried about treating your symptoms. They understand your body as a whole and work on its overall wellness by treating the central nervous and skeletal systems.

Medications can significantly reduce pain, but you will usually end up taking another dose every few hours without ever addressing the real cause. Chiropractic visits are known to provide long-term relief by getting to the root of the issue.

And this is all accomplished without the invasiveness, scarring, or recovery time that’s associated with most surgeries. Today, we are going to explain exactly why going to a chiropractor is the perfect option for you.

Blood Pressure

Before you start taking medication to control your blood pressure, ask yourself if the long list of side effects are worth it. Popular blood pressure medicines are known to cause dizziness, anxiety, nausea, fatigue, and weight loss.

After receiving an upper cervical chiropractic adjustment, a patient won’t have to return (or take a single pill) for six months according to a study done by the Human Journal of Hypertension.

Furthermore, the treatment is also beneficial in getting hypotensive (very low blood pressure) patients to healthy blood pressure levels.


If it is left untreated, a spinal curvature can cause severe pain and even inhibit heart and lung function. When visiting traditional doctors, patients with scoliosis can be recommended uncomfortable back braces or potentially dangerous surgeries.

During scoliosis surgery, you can become paralyzed, suffer nerve damage, bowel and bladder problems, or blood loss.

Patients with scoliosis have been known to see a 10 to 30% decrease in their scoliosis curvatures after receiving the combination of a chiropractic alignment and muscular rehabilitation techniques.

Preventive Care for Children

Since children are constantly growing and changing, regular visits with a chiropractor are just as important as their annual physicals with a pediatrician.

A chiropractor will prevent a child from experiencing extra bone, joint, or muscular pressure as their bodies change. Additionally, this can save them from pains and ailments as they settle into adulthood.

Athletic Conditioning

Half of the NFL teams have chiropractors on staff to keep players in optimum condition. Chiropractors aren’t just around for alignment troubles, they help athletes stretch, heal injuries like strains and tendonitis, improve joint function, and de-stress to increase natural energy levels.

Whether or not you consider yourself a serious athlete, it’s important to exercise your range of motion as you age. It is an effective part of arthritis treatment and preventing injuries.

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can be caused by obesity, kidney stones, poor posture, and psychological stress. It’s the most common type of pain Americans complain about and the number one cause of disability.

When you see a chiropractor for lower back pain, they will look at your medical history, complete a physical exam, and may complete lab tests or x-rays prior to deciding on a treatment plan. Manual adjustments will be done to eliminate pain and stop it from returning.


While there are many causes of vertigo (head injuries, inner ear problems, medications) it can be very difficult to cope with. Some patients have days where they can’t get out of bed, work, or perform normal movements like walking or picking something up from the floor without experiencing major spells of dizziness, loss balance, and nausea.

A chiropractic adjustment can help restore the body’s natural balance and reinstate the function of vertebrae that aren’t working properly. This treatment will significantly decrease the length and severity of episodes.

Headache & Migraine Relief

Almost 5 million Americans experience at least one migraine attack each month. While more than double (11 million) people blame migraines for causing moderate to severe disability.

Most migraines are caused by misalignments or subluxation in the vertebrae, mostly from poor posture and sitting at a computer all day. These misalignments strain the back and neck muscles, causing pain and inflammation.

A chiropractic realignment can reduce the frequency and debilitating effects of migraines. Your chiropractor can also discuss healthier lifestyle choices with you, such as diet, exercise, and deep sleep to prevent future migraines.


When it comes to their children’s health most parents err on the side of caution. This includes the parents of children with ADHD. Disagreements about the topic have gone on for years and there still isn’t much research to back up the dangers or lack thereof with long-term medicinal use.

Chiropractic therapy is a safe and drug-free option for concerned parents. Children who also have concentration, behavioral and academic issues can benefit from these gentle spinal adjustments and therapies.


Anxiety affects over 40 million adults in the United States, making it the most common mental health condition in the country. The mental and emotional aspects of anxiety include feelings of hopelessness, unexplained fears, and racing thoughts.

Most people believe that antidepressants or antianxiety medications are the best options for this ailment, but it is often that addressing problems within the body help heal the mind.

Anxiety will manifest itself in physical symptoms including neck and backaches, headaches, fatigue, and sleeplessness. These are all specialties of experienced chiropractors.


Missing out on sleep isn’t just bad for your body, it’s dangerous for everyone around you. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that 100,000 car crashes due to driver fatigue occur each year. This directly correlates with the main symptoms (loss of concentration, increased errors, poor memory) of insomnia.

If you are having a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep, a chiropractor will be a great help. Hands-on care and cervical realignment improve blood flow, relaxation, diminishes pain and helps your body release chemicals to jump-start the process of deeper sleep.

Going to a Chiropractor Improves Your Quality of Life

Today, people are more health-conscious than ever. We’re eating cleaner and ridding our homes of harmful chemicals. Take your wellness journey a step further by addressing common health conditions by going to a chiropractor.

We accept most major insurances and new patients are eligible for a free consultation. Contact us now. We’d love to help!

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